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My 3 pointers on Man United IPO

Manchester United possible listing in our local stock exchange has prompted me to share my humble 3 pointers from an investor point of view:

1) Paying off debts

I believe everyone knows that the reason for the listing is to pay off the huge debts incurred by the US-based Glazer family, the Owner of Manchester United. They did poorly in the debt management of the club ever since the takeover. Not least driving the club to better financial success; but pulling it down, causing unhappiness to the Manchester United fans who at one point of time want them out.

What do you think of the Glazer family as business owners of Manchester United?

In the name of reducing the debt, to put in a positive footballing sense, Manchester United is able to free up money for player acqusitions, so that the team can compete with fierce rivals like Roman Abromovich wealth-driven Chelsea, Champions League winner Barcelona and the star-studded squad Real Madrid, who form the popular and expensive club brands gl…

Buying Spree

Recently, I have purchased shares for:

1) Sabana REIT - valuation and yield are attractive
2) New - Singapore Post

This should be in line with expanding my dividend portfolio.

3) New - Noble Group
4) Boustead

On the other hand, I have included Noble Group for my growth (short to medium term) portfolio, mainly due to commodities sliding down which present a chance to buy.

It will be interesting to keep watch on the global stock markets for the next few months, taking into account the events unfolding and investors' fear of the next recession, driven by a host of factors such as the unstable debt nature of USA.

Meanwhile, in times of crisis, opportunities come by and it's always good to have a ready war chest to maximize opportunities.

Not to forget the counters in your watchlist. I have kept a close tab on some stocks.
Remember - do not deplete your savings or emergency fund.

Happy Hunting!

Do you have a plan to maximize opportunities?

Monday, 8 Aug 2011 - global stock markets hit badly after ratings agency S&P (Standard & Poor's) downgraded the United States credit rating, the first in history.

Tens of billions of dollars of value was wiped off the value of markets from Sydney to Hong Kong and Tokyo. Singapore's market was among the worst hit, nosediving by 3.7%. The Straits Times Index (STI) tumbled by 110.78 points to close at 2,884, a 13-month low. At one point, it had crashed by almost 5 per cent.

Panic investors are charging for the exit amid growing alarm the US is sliding back into recession although G-7 group of major industrial powers vowing to act decisively.

What does it mean to you, as a retail investor?

To me, on Monday, 8 Aug 2011, I view it as a buying opportunity and I load up more shares to my current holdings - Sabana REIT and Boustead.

One of my objectives by end this year is to increase my monthly passive income to a certain amount. Since I have sold MapleTree Industrial at 1.1…