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Multiple sources of income - the origin

I am always on the look out for MSIs (multiple sources of income) to increase my wealth position. Hopefully, I am able to reach my targeted financial goal.

The MSIs should be consistent with steady inflow over one calender year and not a one-off gain or lumpy earnings.

After much thoughts, I decide to list down the places where money is able to work for me harder and not I work for money always:

(a) Savings
(b) Bonds
(c) Shares that has potential for capital appreciation
(d) Investments that generate dividends - (e.g. shares)
(e) Real estate investments
(f) Rental income from properties
(g) Owning my own business
(h) Commissions
(i) Referral fees
(j) Franchising fees
(k) Consulting
(l) Endorsements (e.g. celebrities)
(m) Royalties (e.g. books, CDs, seminars, games, inventions, software etc.)
(n) Network marketing
(o) Online - (e.g. affiliate programs, per click etc.)

My next aim is (e) and (f) - what about you?

Dividend Watch - Nera Telecommunications

Lately, I have been busy with my work, especially career coaching. Still, I manage to find some free time to sniff through some interesting companies.

Allow me to introduce a company which in my opinion is worth taking a second look for pure dividend handout:

Nera Telecommunications - NeraTel

Nera Telecommunications is a premier solutions provider with the technological expertise to provide proven solutions. They deal in microwave solutions, satellite communication, wireless broadband, broadcasting solutions, optical solutions, IT solutions, retail solutions.

Nera Telecommunication serves the markets of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Taiwan and Korea through its headquarters in Singapore. With communications technology opening gateways to increasing possibilities, NeraTel is ready to provide its clients with exciting solutions from the convergence of telecommunications, information technologies and broadcasting industr…

Divest CapitaMallAsia to Ho Bee

Divest CapitaMallAsia to Ho Bee just recently. Made a small loss as my average price is 1.85. Believe the future capital gains of Ho Bee will offset and reap in better rewards.

Initially I was optimistic on CapitaMallAsia prospect, given that they had plans to expand in China and that the price was trading below IPO of 2.12. On hindsight, I could have sold at $2 for minor gains when the price shoot up.

Though we understand the retail market in China has untapped potential especially the inner cities (consider the demographics, income and expenditure patterns of the mid-to high income Chinese - luxury goods purchases for example), however I expected the time frame to be longer for CapitaMall Asia to reap in realized profits. At the moment, the ROE back to investors is single digit, lesser than 10%.

On the other hand, there was country risk (i.e. China) and element of unknown into uncharted retail waters (not proven success) amongst some of the challenges involved. This included changing…