Multiple sources of income - the origin

I am always on the look out for MSIs (multiple sources of income) to increase my wealth position. Hopefully, I am able to reach my targeted financial goal.

The MSIs should be consistent with steady inflow over one calender year and not a one-off gain or lumpy earnings.

After much thoughts, I decide to list down the places where money is able to work for me harder and not I work for money always:

(a) Savings
(b) Bonds
(c) Shares that has potential for capital appreciation
(d) Investments that generate dividends - (e.g. shares)
(e) Real estate investments
(f) Rental income from properties
(g) Owning my own business
(h) Commissions
(i) Referral fees
(j) Franchising fees
(k) Consulting
(l) Endorsements (e.g. celebrities)
(m) Royalties (e.g. books, CDs, seminars, games, inventions, software etc.)
(n) Network marketing
(o) Online - (e.g. affiliate programs, per click etc.)

My next aim is (e) and (f) - what about you?


  1. Hi Ken,

    I thought you mentioned that the stream of income must be consistent over a period of time and not just one lump sum, then how would points like (c) and (e) bring about consistent inflow of cash? I would have thought that they would provide just one lump sum.

    Pls enlighten!

  2. I'm aiming for a, c, d, e, f, g, m

  3. Hi LP

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Ideally, the MSIs should be steady cash flow over one calender year, NOT must be. Of course, that's the best outcome. But we do not want to limit options. That list below states a mix of MSIs. From there, we could have a broader perspective.


  4. Hi JW

    Thanks for dropping by too :)

    Good luck! Hope the options you choose will grow over time.

  5. Hi Ken,

    Its a good list, some of which I have not thought of before. Why don't u start by picking the most feasible option ane then spend 40hr a week on it. Be it successful or not, it will help u in the next item in your list. The important thing is don't give up. Something which I am always gulity of.


  6. Hi Derek

    That's a good suggestion!

    But just curious - why 40 hours per week?

  7. Hi Ken,

    40hr a week is an analogy to tell u that success dun come easily. A lot of hard work is involved. The successful people who are spending a few hrs a day or week have already spent many 40hr weeks prior to their sucess. I read a book outliners, to truely master and be successful on something, we need to spend 10,000hrs.

  8. Hi Ken,

    a is definitely the most important for me. without a, you cant effectively do b,c,d,e,f and probably g too.

  9. Be focus. Be good at 1 or 2 thing is enough to send your kids to university and help to complement your retirement fund from the returns from the stock market.

  10. i aiming c d e f. but so far is still dream

  11. Hi guys, thanks for sharing :)

    Hope we all could reach our wealth goals soon!

  12. for me I will just focus solely on side biz and stocks due to the following reasons:

    capital appreciation of real estate is between that of bonds and stocks ..
    rental income, after taking away the loan, cleaning, insurance, utilities, etc. is quite little, how do you maximise? Plus there's quite a risk involved.. can you find a tenant?

    For endorsements, how do you do find? Thought only famous people can do it.
    Royalities .. I think for ordinary folks like us we can only do book writing and even so you need the credentials ..

    Franchsing is considered as biz ..

    Realistically , most of us only have time for 1 or 2 of the above if we're holding a full-time job ..

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