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My 10 years plan that gives me peace of mind in future

Time is your friend. Patience is a virtue. How true this is.I set my financial sight to equities during 2008 sub-prime crisis, scooping up dirt-cheap shares of a prominent blue-chip Developer at less than S$1.50. In Jan 2015, I sold my Keppel Land shares at S$4.55 per share due to the privatization offer from the parent company, Keppel Corporation. That gave me more than 120% net returns, excluding dividends. Indeed, it was a hefty bonus for me! Being prudent, I channelled majority of the realized gains to my Emergency Fund.Forward-looking vision - in 2016, I aim to build a pathway to semi-retirement. I call it “Project Silver Milestone”, a late chapter in my Book of Life. By the age of 50-55, I should have a comfortable mix of monthly four-figure net dividend and business returns that’s able to sustain my day-to-day lifestyle – neither extravagant nor meager. Most importantly, pursue something that I like to do such as personal coaching, travel and outdoor nature.It’s crucial to envi…