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20 things I realised in 2017

1) To achieve where I hope to be in my semi-retirement stage in 10 years’ time, I have adopted a more aggressive growth portfolio starting Q2 this year.

2) Looks like my portfolio XIRR improves from past year. The reason is because I have sold off my reits and some of my shares profitably (i.e. as compared to staying idle). I hope to consistently maintain XIRR of at least 20%.

3) There needs to be at least one-to-two “killer stocks” in my portfolio. “Killer stocks” in my definition means multi-bagger or public-listed equities that are able to reap me at least 60% capital gains. (without dividends)

4) 2017 has been a year of cryptocurrencies, electric vehicles and cyber theft. I foresee there will be more resources allocated for cyber security. Meaning, more lucrative jobs for white hats!

5) Interestingly, facial recognition features have been accepted more than before. It isn’t just for national security but for unlocking your smartphone too. I think this will continue to thri…

How an Angel Investor size up a Start-Up

This has been a busy but exciting year.As an Angel Investor, I have been sniffing around for opportunities across businesses in areas like F&B, grocery retailers, import/export and technology IPs. My core attention is start-ups, preferring founders who are commercially aware about trends and drivers, who have a deeper thought for things and issues around the world. This will lead them to think clearly about creating a product or service that disrupts/provide diversion from traditional processes yet be able to offer originality and value to their target audience. Therefore, it’s not just solving problems only; it’s not about social good but to make sure your 3Ps are there - pragmatic, profitability and positioning. Positioning in the right consumer or enterprise segment before strengthening the core attributes. At least, the business has to earn a decent $1 net profit after the breakeven point.Meaning, sustainability comes first. Don’t even think of capturing market share. Your bus…

Positioning my portfolio for aggressive growth

There have been a number of transactions prior to my plan here. While I seek to acquire long-term income producing assets, I have to figure out a way to capitalize aggressive growth opportunities. In the last paragraph of my previous post, I have written a note on this. If executed successfully, this helps to produce a much larger warchest which I can reinvest to buy higher dividend-yielding stocks and reits. This method will speed up my end goal of “Project Silver Milestone”. On hindsight, I can choose the tried and tested method of buying up good old firms that have deep economic moat which perfectly serves the right solution (in my opinion) or I can select a firm in a cyclical stage but have products and services that are in global demand/have valuable assets in place – just that the external market conditions and industry trends are not favorable and inter-related market players are in cost-cutting mode. As such, the sector remains bleak, a case of structural challenges for some. …

Reflection of my income streams and investment portfolio

I have a big roadmap of where my different income streams will be. For the past 8 years, I have been developing them. It is with this belief that will support my end goal of living a life that is contractually free, a 10 years plan in place. This post shall be a brief of where I am now and where I wish to be. By sharing, I hope to inspire everyone around me.My Day JobI have been strengthening my expertise in regional business development and cross-border negotiation, thereby building an excellent track record across diverse clientele in Asia and Europe. The positive mindset, constant thinking and humility of continuous improvement are extremely useful. The right characteristics offer me the pathway to senior roles, thus expanding my income base over the years. I seek to learn through newspapers and external publication, draw realistic scenarios from books and wade into deep waters to make tough agreements with c-suite business people. Finally, I pick up key abilities and personal exp…