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Hotel Room Investment

I sold Ho Bee recently and earned some profits as news and layout of Metropolis was publicized and featured by the local media. Previously, I bought more Ho Bee post ABSD announcement (Additional Buyer Stamp Duty), so the price locked in was relatively "under-valued" against revised NAV (net asset value)Back to properties - today, I will like to touch base upon the idea of "buy and lease out a hotel room". Ignore the details below if you prefer hospitality REIT. Please do your due diligence - this article is for reference onlyOVERSEAS HOTEL ROOM INVESTMENT (INCLUDES SERVIED APARTMENTS)Picture the concept - invest in a fully-furnished hotel room overseas, so that you actually own it and you turn over to a Professional Operator (i.e. Property Manager/Developer) for a medium to long term to manage it. In return, they pay you a monthly rental income Here are the benefits given to you, as an investor: 1. The property/hotel operator offers guranteed returns, as much …

The Hour Glass

It has been a while since I last pen out my thoughts about companies as I have been busy with my coaching work.Today, I will like to put out my 2 cents thoughts on “The Hour Glass”Financials aside (I am sure there are bloggers who provide deep insights into the numbers), I will like to concentre on the advantages and risks of The Hour Glass. Things have changed after their horrendous investment in Gems TV Holdings that results in impairment loss of $14.1 million (FY2009, the Group posted a 57% drop in NPAT)Please note that below is my personal observation only.First of all, allow me to introduce the business of The Hour Glass:Extracted from their corporate website – “Established since 1979, The Hour Glass is the most geographically diverse, multi-brand specialist luxury watch retailer in the region, representing a stable of over 50 brands across 23 boutiques in eight cities throughout the Asia Pacific.”You can refer to further details on the brand of watches such as Cartier, Rolex, Om…

5 things to think - foreign properties

I plan to start a new series on property, aiming to give key pointers of the property landscape, local and overseas.

There are many benefits on property investment such as:

(a) Hedge against inflation
(b) Let money work harder for you
(c) Preovides a pssive income (hopefully for our retirement years!)
(d) Earn profit from capital gains when we sell our properties
(e) Leaves a legacy for our loved ones

Information is based on my personal research. Please do consult your agent for further details as each individual profile is vastly different.

Before I get started, I will like to update my portfolio status first. I sold the following and locked in marginal capital gains weeks ago:

- Sold ARA
- Sold SIA Engineering
- Sold Ho Bee

I will be on the look out for market opportunities.

Today, I will touch on
"5 key points to think when buying foreign properties"

If we read our local papers, to name a few, we will notice overseas real project launches from Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand…

My portfolio addition - Dec 2011 - Jan 2012

I will like to sincerely wish all my faithful readers a "Happy & Prosperous Lunar New Year".

~~~~~~~~~ GONG XI FA CAI !!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Late last year and into early 2012, I bought and sold the following shares:

1) Sold Noble Group
3) Bought SIA Engineering
4) Bought Keppel Telecommunications & Transport

On my objective to grow my dividend portfolio, I have decided to reduce my exposure to REITS, recycled my capital and divested to SIA Engineering - the possibility of the local manufacturing sector to slow this year, the weak rental climate of industrial properties and the current uncertainty of Singapore economic situation.

The positive results of AIMS AMP REIT drove the price up, helped me made a decision to sell AIMS AMP REIT and forgo the quarterly dividend of 2.6 cents per share.

After selling, I still managed to acquire considerable dividends earned in the past few years. Net-net amount is profitable.

Should the price of AIMS AMP REIT falls afte…