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Hotel Room Investment

I sold Ho Bee recently and earned some profits as news and layout of Metropolis was publicized and featured by the local media. Previously, I bought more Ho Bee post ABSD announcement (Additional Buyer Stamp Duty), so the price locked in was relatively "under-valued" against revised NAV (net asset value)Back to properties - today, I will like to touch base upon the idea of "buy and lease out a hotel room". Ignore the details below if you prefer hospitality REIT. Please do your due diligence - this article is for reference onlyOVERSEAS HOTEL ROOM INVESTMENT (INCLUDES SERVIED APARTMENTS)Picture the concept - invest in a fully-furnished hotel room overseas, so that you actually own it and you turn over to a Professional Operator (i.e. Property Manager/Developer) for a medium to long term to manage it. In return, they pay you a monthly rental income Here are the benefits given to you, as an investor: 1. The property/hotel operator offers guranteed returns, as much …