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Bought Sabana REIT

Recently, I have added Sabana REIT to my passive income portfolio. According to REIT data (, a price of 0.905 fetches yield of about 9.7%. Attractive preposition to me if we compare all Industrial REIT.

A quick introduction - Sabana Shariah Compliant REIT is a Singapore-based REIT, established principally to invest in income-producing real estate used for industrial purpose in Asia, as well as real-estate assets, in line with Shariah investment principles.

Sabana REIT is the world's largest listed Shariah Compliant REIT and the first listed REIT to adopt stricter GCC-standard Shariah Compliance.

In addition, Sabana Shariah Compliant REIT distribution policy is to distribute 100% REIT taxable income and tax-exempt income, if any (after deduction of applicable expenses) for the period from listing date (26 Nov 2010) to 31 Dec 2012.

Distributions are made on a quarterly basis - 31 March, 30 June, 30 September, 31 December each year for the three-month period endi…

GE 2011: My comments post election

Firstly, congrats to WP! It's heartwarming to hear the opposition has won a GRC, for the first time in political history since GRC was formed.

Here are my key thoughts after the election fever has ended:

1. Before the election and over the past years, it is clear the young has already shown some discontent towards the ruling party for obvious reasons. The common medium used is via forums, social media etc.. but I am not sure if PAP realizes the impact fully or have they not really pay much attention to? It's a case of whether PAP has literally put a listening ear to the young, talking to them deeply and understanding issues such as purchase of new flats. Based on the voting results shown (of 60% psychological benchmark), perhaps one of the factors swinging away from PAP support is the young. Hence, the young should not be taken too lightly in the FIRST INSTANCE? Post election, PAP may have plans to win the young minds. How the PAP engages the young will be interesting to see f…

GE: Mr. Mah comments and my questions

Normally, I do not post other matters, apart from finance and investment. This is my very FIRST time. Hopefully, it will be the LAST. However, after reading the mainstream media today, I can't help but feel surprised about Mr. Mah Bow Tan comments, prior to our GE (General Election) results tomorrow.

Please read below and pardon me if I am voicing this out. I am just a normal goody-two shoes Singapore citizen hoping the best of our nation in regards to affordable public housing.

Case 1
Today Business Times quoted (Fri May 6) from Mr Mah in relation to the point from NSP that a 30 year mortgage period is too long. Mr Mah said that buyers can choose a shorter payment period if they want to. He further elaborate "look at the car parks. It's full each you see only Suzukis and Hyundais? No. You see Mercedes, you see BMWs. So how is all this possible if our flats are supposed to be unaffordable?

I am appalled by his narrow-based comparison:

Point 1 - in the first plac…

Trend Investment

To maximize the short to mid-term investment opportunities, it is interesting to ride on the next trend, just like the Singapore IR (Integrated Resort) story.

We are not talking about technical charts, neither following the hedge funds but industry/sub-sector trends. Years back, we communicate through letters. Technology advances and we have emails and now social media.

During the financial crisis, I was at East Coast and noticed a large number of idle container ships floating around. Now, you can hear the "poo poo" sound if you stay there, signalling that the cargo vessels are ready to move off. Good for the shipping industry as a whole.

So the question is this, "what is the NEXT trend that is going to happen"?

While this involves some element of speculation; nonetheless you can conclude and paint a visual picture in the future based on publicly available quantitative and qualitative information such as brokers' reports, newspaper clippings and other press rele…