GE 2011: My comments post election

Firstly, congrats to WP! It's heartwarming to hear the opposition has won a GRC, for the first time in political history since GRC was formed.

Here are my key thoughts after the election fever has ended:

1. Before the election and over the past years, it is clear the young has already shown some discontent towards the ruling party for obvious reasons. The common medium used is via forums, social media etc.. but I am not sure if PAP realizes the impact fully or have they not really pay much attention to? It's a case of whether PAP has literally put a listening ear to the young, talking to them deeply and understanding issues such as purchase of new flats. Based on the voting results shown (of 60% psychological benchmark), perhaps one of the factors swinging away from PAP support is the young. Hence, the young should not be taken too lightly in the FIRST INSTANCE? Post election, PAP may have plans to win the young minds. How the PAP engages the young will be interesting to see for the next few years.

2. In addition to point 1, has the PAP lost the personal touch when they have not taken a platform to communicate and gather feedback from the public? Is there a communication gap between the common folk on the ground and the PAP, apart from being economic-centric towards high growth at the expenses of citizens? Let's hope things will take a shift from now.

3. Credit to the opposition such as WP, they have advocated an alternative voice in parliament to keep policies in check although there are few parliamentary seats won. Still, it is a fantastic start! It's just like an audit. Companies have audit, so does countries. We need reviews, balances, accountability and transparency as much as we can before a large-scale policy is implemented. I am glad, in the new century, in the new information age, we have geared towards a lesser monopolistic political structure. And for this, I hope we could, as PM Lee says, close ranks and move forward.

4. Cost of public housing and other related issues have always been issues in Singapore. Post election, Mr. Mah plans to review after Tampines GRC score one of the lowest %, below the mean benchmark of 60%. What do you think of this?

5. It is commendable that we have more people coming out to contest, judging from NSP results. NSP close in the margins of PAP voting results and swing, not far, to their favour. Hopefully, we have more to come in the next few years.

While PAP has built the foundation of a economically thriving Singapore, we should move forward strategically, taking into account the challenges faced by people on the ground while having a credible check on policies made.

The last thing I want is to dwell back on the past and harp on the records always. We appreciate the past nonetheless, however we have to re-invent ourselves, just like companies producing new products or improve their service level when the bulk of customers complain or leave. Kudos once again to the Worker's Party!


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