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3 trends to watch out for

I just returned back to Singapore from the Scandinavian islands not long ago. It has been a wonderful trip personally, culturally and historically. As I marvelled over the great natural wonders of Iceland, I am completely intrigued by the formation of the lava fields, hot springs, hot mud, gorges, glaciers, icebergs to waterfalls over the years. There are no words to describe the stunning landscape. Just like the rush of the waterfalls, the financial stock market is filled with quick opportunities for us to capitalize. So, I will like to write about 3 trends to watch out for in 2014 and beyond. Do kindly note that the information is consolidated in a nutshell. It is based on my personal observation only.(a) 3D TechnologyForget about 4D, 5D for now. Let’s look at 3D. 3D LED TV has been disappointing although it has been launched in the market for quite some time. This does not mean other 3D equipment, hardware and software will falter. In fact, a deeper look into some of them may yi…

Interview with FFN - my investment life

I was asked by FFN, a fellow acquaintance in the investment community, to share my thoughts on investment (thanks FFN!) Below is the interview extract:FFN: How did you get interested in investing and who inspired you to get started?Ken: It started off with my former colleague in the education industry about five years back. He hinted to me that the opportunity had arrived as there was widespread negativity in the worldwide markets.When I queried further, he strongly encouraged me to take the year-end bonus and buy into shares of companies. At that time, I have almost zero knowledge about investment and thought that the stock market was a risky game of money.I was a salaried worker and the point of purchasing something that can’t be touched and felt was not attractive to me. Few days later, his words of wisdom struck me when I self-reflect. Something came upon me. I researched online and discovered that my perception was one-sided. Slowly, my interest and knowledge developed when I…

Parkson Retail Asia

Happy New Year to all my readers!I will like to touch upon an interesting company – Parkson Retail Asia. As usual, my article focuses on the qualitative insights since there are sources on the firm’s financial health.The roots begin when Parkson Holdings Bhd was incorporated on 26 August 1982 as a private limited liability company under the name of Amalgamated Cement Mills Sdn Bhd. In 1988, it changed its name to Amalgamated Containers Sdn Bhd.It was publicly listed on Bursa Malaysia in 1993. It is now an investment holding company with stakes in Parkson Retail Asia and Parkson Retail Group Limited, listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange respectively. Lion Group owns Parkson Holdings Bhd.As a major department store retailer, Parkson is Malaysia second largest operator with 37 stores, 20% market shares as of 2012 (source: The Edge Singapore, December 31, 2012). The number one is The Store Corporation with 26% market shares as of 2012, the only local reta…