3 trends to watch out for

I just returned back to Singapore from the Scandinavian islands not long ago. It has been a wonderful trip personally, culturally and historically. As I marvelled over the great natural wonders of Iceland, I am completely intrigued by the formation of the lava fields, hot springs, hot mud, gorges, glaciers, icebergs to waterfalls over the years.

There are no words to describe the stunning landscape. Just like the rush of the waterfalls, the financial stock market is filled with quick opportunities for us to capitalize.

So, I will like to write about 3 trends to watch out for in 2014 and beyond. Do kindly note that the information is consolidated in a nutshell. It is based on my personal observation only.

(a) 3D Technology

Forget about 4D, 5D for now. Let’s look at 3D. 3D LED TV has been disappointing although it has been launched in the market for quite some time. This does not mean other 3D equipment, hardware and software will falter. In fact, a deeper look into some of them may yield positive surprises. 3D Printers, 3D Holograms are some examples. 3D Printers, after patented, may revolutionize manufacturing as goods produced on a new platform. In 2012, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology launched an initiative to fund ten research houses devoted to 3D Printing. Do you happen to find regional/niched technology firms that specialize in specific areas of 3D research? If so, it may be worthwhile to take a magnifying glass and study the company further. Make sure your lenses are 3D as well!

(b) Data Storage

From portable HDD and CDs, we move to cloud computing. We transit to digital storage like Dropbox, so that files can be shared intermittently. It seems the social community and corporate environment needs to store large chunks of data and images - with ease and convenience as we get highly connected globally via virtual portals. Companies have sought to ride on the demand by building data centres or design storage software that offer security and added features. Firms sell their software licenses to business through subscription without incurring huge fixed overheads. With a need to store more information and to pull details out easily through dedicated servers, probably this is a trend to watch out for in the next future.

(c) Health & Wellness

There is an emphasis to maintain a healthy lifestyle as there is an increase in cases of cancer and cardiac arrests due to stress factors like high work expectations. To keep fit, Singapore organizes several large-scaled marathons. In some parts of Scandinavia, their lunch diets are mainly salads and fruits. Australia places focus on organic vegetables and food. Therefore, OTC (over the counter) drugs and vitamins that highlights the health benefits will become a necessity for health-conscious buyers. This also includes aliments sold in retail pharmacies. Regional pharmaceutical firms that produce prescription drugs have also diversified into tonic and herbal drinks. The challenge here is to produce an applicable, licensed healthy product that harnesses worldwide acceptance and scalability. In our local market, firms like Cerebos and Haw Par have taken their brands global. The key idea is to spot a similar company that anticipates future medical predicament in specific countries while taking control of their cost-based supply chain and distribution network.

More trends to come and I will blog about them soon.


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