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My portfolio addition - Dec 2011 - Jan 2012

I will like to sincerely wish all my faithful readers a "Happy & Prosperous Lunar New Year".

~~~~~~~~~ GONG XI FA CAI !!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Late last year and into early 2012, I bought and sold the following shares:

1) Sold Noble Group
3) Bought SIA Engineering
4) Bought Keppel Telecommunications & Transport

On my objective to grow my dividend portfolio, I have decided to reduce my exposure to REITS, recycled my capital and divested to SIA Engineering - the possibility of the local manufacturing sector to slow this year, the weak rental climate of industrial properties and the current uncertainty of Singapore economic situation.

The positive results of AIMS AMP REIT drove the price up, helped me made a decision to sell AIMS AMP REIT and forgo the quarterly dividend of 2.6 cents per share.

After selling, I still managed to acquire considerable dividends earned in the past few years. Net-net amount is profitable.

Should the price of AIMS AMP REIT falls afte…