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Positioning my portfolio for aggressive growth

There have been a number of transactions prior to my plan here. While I seek to acquire long-term income producing assets, I have to figure out a way to capitalize aggressive growth opportunities. In the last paragraph of my previous post, I have written a note on this. If executed successfully, this helps to produce a much larger warchest which I can reinvest to buy higher dividend-yielding stocks and reits. This method will speed up my end goal of “Project Silver Milestone”. On hindsight, I can choose the tried and tested method of buying up good old firms that have deep economic moat which perfectly serves the right solution (in my opinion) or I can select a firm in a cyclical stage but have products and services that are in global demand/have valuable assets in place – just that the external market conditions and industry trends are not favorable and inter-related market players are in cost-cutting mode. As such, the sector remains bleak, a case of structural challenges for some. …