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Top 5 trends in Asia

Year end is approaching. In a blink of an eye, we will welcome 2012. New resolutions with new targets. The question is, which sector/s should I concentrate next?

Hence, I decide to consolidate the top 5 trends in Asia (as a snapshot) based on my personal opinion and forecasts.

* All investments contain a level of uncertainty and carry specific risks. Please seek your licensed Financial Consultant first before making your decisions.

1. Healthcare

As we know, in the past months, we have seen several acquisitions such as Thomson Medical Centre bought over by Mr. Peter Lim and Khazanah Nasional Bhd took Parkway Holdings private. In addition, Fortis Healthcare plans to be a dominant player in Asia. Companies are expanding and capturing market shares in the region.

Indeed, with better living standards and rising life expectancy across Asia, there is a demand for higher quality healthcare - a possibility where the need outstrips supply. The wealth of the Chinese & Indonesians are fast incr…