6 ways to save money yet gain something meaningful

I begin to think about how “the man in the street” is able to save money yet gain something meaningful. So, I churn out a list of activities that anyone can do, minus off the wallet.

1. Visit the Library

Take a walk into our National Libraries without flipping out a coin. Spend a day browsing through magazines or pick up your favorite book to read. Not only you can enhance your knowledge, you may also learn something beyond your imagination. Maybe, you may also know a friend next to you because of common reading genre. And who knows, sparks may fly? There are educational sessions held in the library. I used to host my career development and management workshops across the National Libraries in Singapore. Completely free and benefit people from all walks of life.

2. Check out free historic attractions

We have some educational learning that is beyond any classroom learning. One of them is Sun Yat Sen Villa. If you are Singaporean, you enter for free. More details can be found here. Others include Changi Museum and Chapel. Google it and you’ll be surprised. Your day is fulfilling, gaining insights into Singapore’s rich heritage and historic journey.

3. Chit Chat with your friends at HDB void deck

During my era, where there are not many chic and upscale cafes around, we will huddle together at the void deck of housing blocks. Armed with just a can of green tea, lemon tea or bottled water, we sit at stone benches to chat our day away while quenching our thirst intermittently. Now, it’s still possible at some housing estates. It’s a great way to share your work and life stories, especially the need to understand your friends at deeper level. It’s also helpful to strengthen your face-time communication skills – what’s the best way to do it at an informal, social level before going towards professional interaction. In other words, allocate some time for real conversations. Ditch your What’s Apps, forget Facebook. It’s time to talk. Talking is free!

4. Volunteer yourself

It’s always refreshing to volunteer some of your time to help others, especially individuals and groups who may fall below the cracks. You can do something rewarding. Have you done anything like this in 2014 yet?

5. Talk a walk in the park

I make a plan to take a breather every month. What this means is that I take leisure strolls in various parks found in Singapore. Your nearest neighbourhood may have beautiful gardens and benches. You may get a new inspiration when there is a sense of calmness and peace.

6. Jog and Run

Exercise, exercise, exercise. We have more than three marathons per year. You can jog or run in the early morning or after work. It’s an excellent option to de-stress without stressing your wallet.


  1. Ken,

    I've done all of the above except:

    4. Volunteer yourself, and

    6. Jog and Run

    My stomach getting bigger and bigger. Hmm... Maybe I should?


    1. LOL. You should SMOL. Jog or run is a good and easy way to exercise and get yourself refreshed, especially in the morning.

      I encourage you mentally. Hehe....

  2. Ken : Nice take on how to live a simple yet meaningful life. Recently I started on number 5 and has covered : Botanic Gardens and Mt Faber Park. ;-)

  3. Thanks Richard

    Nice one. I like Botanic Gardens too. Richard, go, go, go all the way. :)

    Many parks and gardens in Singapore. The last I went was Bukit Timah Nature Reserve before it's closed for upgrading works. I am thinking of heading to Henderson Waves soon. Good leisure exercise, take in some fresh air and probably get new inspiration. 2015 is coming...:)

    1. Henderson waves is nice but it is kind of shorter than I expected.. Many people are there to rest and take photos... (Me included) ;-)

    2. Yeah! Nice view and good for photo-taking. I think it will be relaxing with a stroll in the evening.


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