5 ways to make money before year 2015 ends

Look around you. There may be money-making opportunities.

But the environment is cluttered with various schemes – some are dubious and raise suspicion. Flip the papers and you see an advertisement promising you double-digit returns with an investment that needs little effort. Surf the internet and there are many online link-ups informing that you can earn a 4 digit income within a few days by working from home.

I prefer to pursue something that’s credible and pragmatic. In 2015, the chances are here!

Do note that the options regarding investment are purely recommendations. Every individual has their personal risk appetite. Please assess the disadvantages and advantages carefully.

1. Stock market

Not many will agree this approach - I will focus on companies in cyclical trade. In the past weeks, the share prices of property-related, oil & gas firms are beaten down due to weak macroeconomic conditions such as declining oil prices, slower demand in China and the fear of rising interest rate. This can be an entry point for investors to buy and make a profit when their growth and sector improves in the near future (you need to have patience). During the property crisis, I bought Ho Bee and Keppel Land at prices that are huge discount to NAV (net asset value). Less than 7 years, I cashed out with more than 100% gains when their assets were revalued higher due to the location, demographics and appeal of their properties.

Property crisis = buy property-related stocks

Now, there is weak property sentiment with tighter regulatory environment. It’s a good time to re-visit the forward-looking plans and pipeline of property companies. Choose one that’s promising.

The other is the oil & gas companies. I won’t see an improvement to the industry in the next 2 years since crude oil prices need to reach a stable price level first. However, it’s an opportunity to buy when many are panic selling their shares. Identify the right firm that has the network, deep capabilities and regular track record of winning multi-billion contracts.

Sell when there is an upward demand of oil, exceeding supply or when the media emphasizes the rise of crude oil prices.

2. Singapore Savings Bond

For the risk adverse, the Singapore Savings Bond is a great alternative to make your cash work than idling around. You get your principle amount back (guaranteed by the Singapore government), plus the interest income. You do not get penalised for early redemption but it’s advisable to put it for 10 years – effective return per year of 2.63% should you put $10,000. The first rollout is on 1 Sep and 25 Sep is the closing date. 1 Oct is the issue date. For details, you can refer to their website.

3. Part time worker

Be an Uber driver. Sign up to be a weekend Household Captain (don’t be surprised! guys are doing the chores with a smile). Be a babysitter. Take on the role of a Dance Instructor. Find something that suits your skills. Register on popular apps/websites to get leads. I heard of cases where you can earn a small fee by doing research and this takes only a few hours.

4. Rent out your stuff

Ever think of dumping your old chairs away? Give it to your neighbour who has an event and charge a flat fee per hour. Someone needs a bicycle. Rent out to him per hour. Your friend is inviting some friends over and needs X-box with some games. Charge him hourly usage. Start a rental business of your own. Use website like Rent Tycoon to place your product.

5. Referrals

Social media is infectious. Imagine yourself recommending a good place to eat and you get a small reward. Your friend enjoys the sumptuous meal. Win-win! There is no need to know the other party. Firstly, build a presence in Facebook, focusing on a topic of your interest that you are known for. Talk about it regularly through small, insightful posts. When you get sufficient traffic, link up with companies and agencies that will pay you for the extra eyeballs. If you get a group of people to sign up their products and services, you get a commission. Not bad for a day’s work, isn’t it?

There you go! 3 months towards end Dec 2015. Use the variety of choices above. At least, it’s legitimate and you don’t end up financially burnt by get-rich schemes.

Most importantly, take action now!


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