My Dividend Portfolio


- Industrial
- Average of 9.2% yield
- Quarterly payout

Mapletree Industrial Trust
- Industrial
- Average of 7.3% yield
- Quarterly payout
- Strong sponsor (Temasek-owned)

First Reit
- Healthcare
- Average of 8.4% yield
- Quarterly payout
- Demand of quality healthcare services in Indonesia - room for growth


- 4 business units, mainly into industrial rubber hoses and fittings
- Average of 9% yield
- Positive free cash flow over the years
- Net cash position
- Historically, on average, stable payout over the past 3 years

Potential Watchlist

- Yield of about 7%
- Quarterly payout
- "Government-backed" entity

*Updated as of 2011 - will change if there is any addition or omission

I will be holding on to the businesses for long term dividend payout. Of course if situation changes, sudden turn of direction from the management or too much rights issue without valid consideration, I will then have to re-consider my purchases in my dividend portfolio. At the current moment, I am contented.

And the financial ability to add on more shares easily, in accordance to the growth of my income base because the accumulated capital outlay is not huge, as compared to blue chips such as SPH or ST Engineering.

Hope to increase my monthly passive income :) - one of my major objectives in 2011


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