My investment philosophies & personality

My 10 investment philosophies:

1) Buy into companies that have future growth potential – Growth Investing
2) I do not like short-selling/contra (I tried before - such financial game is not for me)
3) Know your companies – preferably circle of competence
4) Believe in Cycle & Trend Investing – Properties: buy at down-trough, sell at peak
5) Averaging down to slowly accumulate more shares
6) Do not get influenced by Mr. Market, Fund Managers & Analysts.
7) Solid management with clear vision help make better informed investment decisions
8) Never invest based on emotions or be a total price slave!
9) Never believe in being too overly too diversified. Be focused on key areas (e.g. properties)
10) Believe in Joseph cycle – 7 years bear & bull

My investment personality:

P = patience
D = discipline
C = commitment

Patience to wait for greater returns, discipline to my personal investment framework (cycle/trend, capitalize on growth etc..) and committed to reach my investment goals.

Out of the 3 in the PDC, I think patience is the most important factor to successful investing. The patience to sow the seed, put my fertilizer and watch it grow to a plant

What's your investment philosophies and personality? :)


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